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On July 28, 2014, the State Corporation Commission (the "Commission") for the Commonwealth of Virginia entered its Order of Liquidation with a Finding of Insolvency ("Liquidation Order") for Southern Title Insurance Corporation ("Southern Title").  The Commission set the Claim Filing Deadline for six months after the date of the Liquidation Order.  Therefore, all claimants were to file their Proofs of Claim ("POC") by the Claims Filing Deadline of January 28, 2015.  All timely filed claims were also required to be rendered, certain, liquidated, and non-contingent before January 28, 2015.  Southern Title is currently adjudicating Proofs of Claim and will issue a Notice of Claim Determination approving or denying the POC.  If a claim is denied, the claimant may file an appeal under the Receivership Appeal Procedure.  Listed below are links to the POC Form, POC Instructions, Liquidation Order, and the Receivership Appeal Procedures.  If a POC is received after the Claims Filing Deadline, it will be considered as a lower priority claim to be paid after all other claims are paid subject to the availability of funds.









On October 4, 2016, the Deputy Receiver filed her Application for Orders Setting Contingent Hearing, Approving Notice Procedures, Establishing Response Date, and Approving Proposed Assumption Agreement (the "Application"). The Application sought the Commissionís approval of the proposed assumption agreement (the "Assumption Agreement") between Southern Title Insurance Corporation ("Southern Title"), First National Title Insurance Company ("FNTI"), and the Texas Title Insurance Guaranty Association ("TTIGA"). FNTI is a Texas domiciled title insurer licensed to do business in the state of Texas. TTIGA is a non-profit association created by the Texas legislature that provides coverage for certain claims filed under Southern Title policies issued in the state of Texas. On February 1, 2017, the Commission approved the Assumption Agreement. A copy of the Commissionís Order Approving Assumption Agreement is posted in the Documents section of this web site.

Effective February 1, 2017, FNTI has agreed to assume certain liabilities of Southern Title and predecessors in interest on policies insuring Texas policies only. Any claims which were previously filed with, or paid or rejected by the Receiver of Southern Title or TTIGA are not included. Persons who believe they have any claims may contact FNTI at the following address or telephone number:

First National Title Insurance Company

2400 Dallas Parkway, Suite 200

Plano, Texas 75093

(972) 588-1280

1-(888) 944-3684


For policies issued in the state of Texas only, please contact First National Title using the link below


First National Title Insurance Company


Receivership Filing Registration


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hearing Notice


Contact Information:

Southern Title Insurance Corporation

P.O. Box 399

Richmond, Virginia 23218

Street Address:

c/o Cantilo & Bennett, L.L.P.
11401 Century Oaks Terrace
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Austin, Texas 78758



Claims Contact Information:

To file a new claim, please complete the POC Form and submit the claim to the address above or by e-mail to
To request a policy, please send an e-mail to
To file a Proof of Claim in the receivership, click here for the instructions and claim form.
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