Notice FAQ

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Question 1: What does this notice mean?

You should carefully review your closing documents to confirm that you have a title policy issued by Southern Title, and to determine if you have a claim under the policy.  It also means that if the relief requested by the Deputy Receiver at the February 4, 2014, hearing is granted by the Court, then after any authorized distribution, Southern Title is likely to be without sufficient funds to pay any amounts on future claims including claims filed with the company after the claims filing deadline.  Accordingly, you should consult with counsel to determine if you have a claim, and if so, be sure to file a claim before any deadline imposed by the Court.  Future notices will only be delivered to those persons who have registered with the Deputy Receiver.  So if you would like to receive notice of any final deadlines, please register at

Question 2:

Why did I get this notice?


You most likely received this notice because our records indicate that the property at your address was at one time covered under a title policy issued by Southern Title, or that you previously had a business relationship with Southern Title.

Question 3: What is title insurance?

Title insurance is insurance in the event that the title to your home or property is called into question, or it is determined that you do not have clear title to your property, or there is some other defect in your title, such as an encumbrance you were not aware of. Please refer to your policy for the specifics of the coverage provided therein.

Question 4: Does it affect my mortgage?

You will have to consult with your counsel or review your mortgage papers to determine if you are required to maintain a title insurance policy.

Question 5:

What do I have to do?


You should first confirm that you have a Southern Title policy, and then determine if you think you may have a claim for coverage under the policy, or you otherwise believe Southern Title may owe you money. If you do, please submit your claim before any eventual deadline imposed by the Court. And please be aware that the deadline requested by the Deputy Receiver could be as early as August 4, 2014. Claims not filed before the deadline will not be paid, even in part, until all timely filed claims have been paid in full. If you do not know whether or not you have a claim, you should consider consulting an attorney. Claim forms and filing information are available from the Southern Title web site. If you do not have access to the internet, you may send a request for the filing instructions and forms to Southern Title Insurance Corporation, P.O. Box 399, Richmond, Virginia 23218.

Question 6: Can I get a refund of the premium I paid?

Please file a claim if you believe you are due a refund of any portion of the premium you paid.

Question 7:

I do not recall having insurance/doing business with Southern Title.


Our records indicate that you personally once had a Southern Title policy, you lent money on a property covered by a Southern Title policy, the property the notice was sent to once had a Southern Title policy, or you otherwise conducted business with Southern Title. You should review your closing papers to determine if you have a Southern Title policy.

Question 8: If I hire an attorney to see if I need replacement insurance, will I get reimbursed for the cost of such attorney?
Answer: No.
Question 9: Will my insurance be good after the cutoff date?

We currently anticipate that Southern Title will be without funds to pay any amounts on claims filed after the claims filing deadline. However, if there is less distributed than anticipated, or if funds are recovered from some other source, then claims will be paid as they come in until such funds are again exhausted.

Question 10: Do I need to get a new insurance policy?

We cannot advise you on whether or not to obtain a new title policy. However, we can tell you that it is anticipated that Southern Title will have no funds remaining after distributions to timely filed claimants. Once our funds are exhausted, then no additional claims will be paid.